Group 1 With Filling Cabinet


Has a door thickness of 10mm.
These units are intended for fire protection of paper records only and none magnetic storage media (computer discs, tapes, ECT…)
Generally this safe should not be used for vital or irreplaceable records and is unsuitable for use in a high risk fire area.
Can withstand up to a temperature of 821 degree C above the ambient temperature in 30 minutes.

Our Group 1 with Filing Cabinet Safes

Dim : Dimensions | L : Capacity in litres | KG : Weight | H : Handles | LS : Locks | S/C : Shelves/Compartments | T : Thickness
ST : Safe Type | R : Pricing (To See pricing, sign in or sign up | Int : Internal | Ext : External |

Safe Dimensions Litres KG Handle Lock Shelf’s & Compartments Thickness Body and Door ST R
Internal External Body Door
                                                                                  Width, Height, Depth
2 Drawer GR1 670x515x672 830x645x847 233L 210KG Yes 1     6mm SABS Further Information
3 Drawer GR1 1010x515x672 1165x645x847 360L 315KG Yes 1     6mm SABS Further Information
4 Drawer GR1 1340x515x672 1500x645x847 467L 430KG Yes 1     6mm SABS Further Information