Fire Resisting Gunsafes


As a safe manufacturer over the last 40 years, we have broadened our capacity in our model ranges. We not only cater from our huge variety of safes but also offer custom made safes to the customer’s specifications. On our gun safe model range, we offer different locking mechanisms, from 7 lever lock, to combination, to digital. In our custom made gun safes we offer a huge diverse variety for the customer to chose from, safe sizes, double door safes, combo safes with extra door on top, gun racks, shelving requirements and hidden compartments if requested. Our quality of our products are quality inspected with a ISO standard in our manufacturing procedures, and we carry the SABS mark in specific ranges of our product models. All our products are manufactured in South Africa. As our motto goes, if we don’t have it we will make it.

Gun safes have being sold by S A Safe for the last 40 years. Being a country with a huge hunting community the gun safe is a necessity, not only prescribed by the law but for the safe keeping of your firearms not to get in unwanted hands. We have always being introducing new models as each clients set up is always different than the previous one. By now if we don’t have the gun safe required by our customers we custom make it to our customers specification. Our gun safe range is split up into two main ranges the small pistol safes and the rifle safes, within these two ranges we have a huge model range to try and cater for all. We are manufactures of SABS safes and non SABS safes.




Our Fire Resisting Gunsafes Safes

Dim : Dimensions | L : Capacity in litres | KG : Weight | H : Handles | LS : Locks | S/C : Shelves/Compartments | T : Thickness
ST : Safe Type | R : Pricing (To See pricing, sign in or sign up | Int : Internal | Ext : External |

Safe Dimensions Litres KG Handle Lock Shelves/Compartments Thickness Body and Door ST R
Internal External Body Door
                                                                          Width, Height, Depth
4 Gun FR   1472x432x432 L 380KG Yes 1 5 Compartments 45mm 6mm Normal Further Information
6 Gun FR   1472x550x550 L 450KG Yes 1 5 Compartments 45mm 6mm Normal Further Information