Decorative Doors


These are decorative vinyl steel doors that have a 9 point multilocking system which can be used from business to household purposes.
The Superlock range combines the latest in stylish design and security.
The collection includes doors for the garage, kitchen, and bedroom, doors to close off parts of the house, panic room doors, and front doors.
What’s more, only one key is needed to enter the house.

Superlock entrance doors employ an innovative self-destruct mechanism that prevents burglaries. Any attempt to damage the exterior cylinder shield or cylinder itself causes a chain reaction that damages the lock. As a result, the locking system is totally immobilised. This self-destructing mechanism is installed on all Superlock entrance doors.

Our Decorative Doors Safes

Dim : Dimensions | L : Capacity in litres | KG : Weight | H : Handles | LS : Locks | S/C : Shelves/Compartments | T : Thickness
ST : Safe Type | R : Pricing (To See pricing, sign in or sign up | Int : Internal | Ext : External |

Safe Dimensions Litres KG Handle Lock Shelf’s & Compartments Thickness Body and Door ST R
Internal External Body Door
                                                                                  Width, Height, Depth
SL 2000×790 Door 2100×900 L 45KG Yes 1     50mm Normal Further Information