Bullet Resistant SRD


SRD Doors G1, G3, according to spec requested.
Can be offered with or without glass viewer.

Our Bullet Resistant SRD Safes

Dim : Dimensions | L : Capacity in litres | KG : Weight | H : Handles | LS : Locks | S/C : Shelves/Compartments | T : Thickness
ST : Safe Type | R : Pricing (To See pricing, sign in or sign up | Int : Internal | Ext : External |

Safe Dimensions Litres KG Handles Lock Shelf’s & Compartments Thickness Body and Door ST R
Internal External Body Door
                                                                               Width, Height, Depth
G1 SRD 6mm Panel view(9mm Para / 12G) Inner Release 1854×749 Door   L 240KG Yes 1     6mm Normal Further Information
G3 SRD 6mm Panel view(AK / Mag) Interlock 1854×749 Door   L 310KG Yes 1     6mm Normal Further Information