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From Record Room Doors to SABS Categorized Vault Doors.
We supply with full frame work in all our normal range and we supply some models with lags in our Orion range.
6mm SRD Front Frame 1935×872, Back Frame 1905×825.
10mm, 12mm, 16mm SRD Front Frame 2005×1005, Back Frame 1935×865.
20mm, 50mm, 100mm, 110mm, 120mm SRD Front Frame 2005×1005, Back Frame 1935×865.
Bullet Resistant SRD Doors G1, G3.
We can also offer on our SRD Doors interlocking from both sides, meaning can be locked from inside also.

Our Category Vault Doors Safes

Dim : Dimensions | L : Capacity in litres | KG : Weight | H : Handles | LS : Locks | S/C : Shelves/Compartments | T : Thickness
ST : Safe Type | R : Pricing (To See pricing, sign in or sign up | Int : Internal | Ext : External |

Safe Dimensions Litres KG Handle Lock Shelf’s & Compartments Thickness Body and Door ST R
Internal External Body Door
                                                                          Width, Height, Depth
SRD 100mm SEC.3 CAT 3 1854×749 Door   L 2150KG Yes 2s + Release     100mm SABS Further Information
SRD 110mm SEC.4 CAT 4 1854×749 Door   L 2450KG Yes 2s+2 Releases + Catch     110mm SABS Further Information
SRD 120mm SEC.5 CAT 5 1854×749 Door   L 2600KG Yes 2s+2 Releases + Catch     120mm SABS Further Information